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Hey guys! Sorry for the absence! LIFE HAS BEEN SO HECTIC LATELY.

So I feel I must apologize for not being on a lot during the holidays/ after. A lot changed and I became emotionally drained to the point of me just staring up at the ceiling and doing nothing. The more personal reasons were my boyfriend of almost a year (WHICH IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME OKAY ;A; I AM NO GOOD AT THIS) broke up with me because I became "too busy" with life and he didn't feel like a priority. I had been swamped with school and work and even failed one of my finals because I didn't get enough time to make the final project ;A; WHICH THEN COST MY A TO DROP TO A C. So you can imagine how upsetting that was. 

LUCKILY I am better now and hope to get back into the swing of things! :D UNFORTUNATELY I also start school next week and my schedule will be even busier. I'm taking 2 drawing classes each of a little higher level and one sewing class. I know that doesn't seem like much but the drawing classes will take up a bunch of my time. I will also be basically working every day I don't have school. NEED TO SAVE MONEY FOR ALL THE CONVENTIONS... and important things.. >w>; maybe.. just conventions. LOL anyways :dance:

I am doing a really cool gift exchange with some super talented artists:

:icondragonsandbeasties::iconcrystalcookart: :iconlittlefatdragons: :iconkingmelissa: :iconlitefootslilbestiary: :iconnever-mor: :iconlonelysouthpaw: :iconlizzarddesigns: :iconhowmanydragons:

and one other talented artitst who isn't on DA :3

I feel so privileged to do this because a lot of these artist have helped me through tough times. It really means a lot and I enjoy all of their art! The more I think about it the more I realize I think I'm one of the younger ones of the group xD Not sure! 

I havent started on it because I'm still deciding on baby dragons, bats, or my little octopuses! ;A; ALL TOO CUTE TO NOT MAKE 
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ANd i shall continue until finals are over xD

ugh school ;A; only 4 more years to go... ahahha xD

I've been delaying on everything (Which is REALLY BAD since I have a few items to ship) I wasn't able to get to it because ETSY decided to close my shop for a little (I needed to pay my bill but I still hadn't gotten paid from work) so I finally got paid and got that all settled now to ship those things out >w>;


I'm awful..
Anyways been slowly working on my christmas things for the christmas fair :D

So far I have a few dragons that include:

a water dragon :D
and just some christmas ones

I have 10 ponies

2 jewish themed ones (They hold dradels ps. i can't spell xD) 

1 gingerbread
1 holiday
6 spice drop ponies (gum drops xD)

still need to make some octopuses!

- steampunk
-holiday themed

then one fancy dragon :3 


was wondering if I made a bedazzled octopus (with gems and stuff in him) would anyone think that would be cool? 
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Might start doing them. Not sure xD

I have a weird developing style but I really want to practice it more. I'd really like to get some drawing commissions going (for pretty cheap too lol)

So thoughts? I might upload some stuff soon so peopel can see. Lord knows I'm not expert but we shall see I guess
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WOW! That was so fun! 

To be honest I wasn't really expecting much because I didn't play any of the blizzard games xD SHAME ON ME

I have to say I really liked the vibe compared to comic con due to the fact that it wasn't crazy packed and everyone there was A LOT nicer then the bitchy ass holes you always find at comic con lol

I got to play the new heros of the storm ( a lot like LoL and DOTA) which I stink at but was still super fun. My boyfriend pretty much carried me throughout the whole game. We played that twice, won the first round then lost the second. 

Then I played the new expansion for Diablo 3, reaper of souls and HOLY BARNACLES! So fun! I played as the demon hunter and it was super awesome and I definitely want to start playing that before the new expansion comes out. 

Also first time really playing WoW and haha again I stink but I got used to it :D Me and my bf teamed up, myself as a warrior and he played a Druid. Never knew how much fun the Blizzard games were until then! :D

And of corse the opening and closing ceremony was fun :D I also got to meet the lovely :iconaurorastars: and her fiance! :D Super awesome meeting them and I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time!

I also happened to meet the cosplayers Jessica Nigri and Monika Lee. Jessica was super awesome and nice and it was super cool being able to talk to her. Monika seemed to be more in a rush to do something (spotted her when she wasn't cosplaying so that might be why lol)

Overall I had a really awesome time! Don't know if I'll ever be able to go to blizzcon again but if I do I will definitely be trying to cosplay for it :D

So now its back to school work and sculpting! My new job is super fun (I mean whats better then a candy store come on) I eat all the gelato... I need to stop before I gain like 30 pounds xD and all my co-workers are super fun! 

I WILL once again be going to burbank for the craft show at the clockwork couture store for their little holiday show :) So this means I'll be putting commissions and other things on a hold while I work on those. But don't worry :iconcalicara: I will be getting your commission done soon! Just need to catch up on everything. I was sick for several days last week and that just killed me D: Luckily its near the end of the semester so things are winding down a bit as I get into my final projects etc. :) Next semester will be pretty hectic xD

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend ! :D
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Sorry but this will be a rant because I need to vent

My mom is mad at me because my car needed new tires (which it really didnt) and it was 600$ 

its MY fault.

it's my fault that they decided to buy me a brand new car and people bang it up at school. Its my fault that the tires that I didn't really need cost 600$ that we don't have. 

everything in my house hold is MY fault

All the fights are my fault because apparently I'm such a problem 

I cause my parents grief and i'm just a problem child

It's my fault that I'm not in a nice college because I didn't try hard enough in high school (okay maybe that is my fault)

It's my fault that my mother is so unhappy.

She expects me to have a full time job, be a full time student and get strait A's as well as clean the house walk the dog everyday for a few miles (because I need it) my room must always be super clean. Maybe that was easier back in her day and  I know some people still do it.

But I can't. It's expensive living out here.. I take on hard classes that she can't seem to understand.I have been overwhelmed with homework and trying to keep up with everything. She wants me to quit sculpting because it's getting me nowhere. Thanks mom that really shows me how much you support me. She constantly tells me she will stop supporting me if I don't get my act together. I'm sorry that I'm trying really hard. I'm sorry that I'm terrified of going into animation because I don't want to fail. I'm sorry that I can't constantly do your bidding. Most the time she doesn't ask for much and I do it but sometimes she just starts blaming me for all her problems. Its not enough apparently. I just got a job but that still doesn't please her. 

I just really can't take it anymore. I try to be happy and good. I stay at home I hardly go out I don't do drugs and I don't really drink ever. She constantly reminds me I'm 21 but treats me like I'm 5. I just don't know what to do anymore.

She won't admit that I have learning problems, or ADHD, or that I have depression. She thinks getting help is stupid. I have anxiety attacks all the time but she just thinks I'm crazy. Nothing I do will ever please her it seems. I know most the time she's trying to help but she does it in the harshest way :/ I know I shouldn't complain because it could be so much worse :/ It's  just hard feeling like I'm constantly being put down or I'm not good enough. 
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So due to the fact that it seems everyone likes me things.. but doesn't want to buy them maybe I should lower my prices? :/ Idk..

I mean maybe my things aren't as good as I think they are and thats why people dont buy them .-.
I know Becca has told me countless times that she started really low and as she gained more popularity she raised her prices. 

Maybe I'll just start making smaller things? D: 

Not really sure what to do :/ I think a huge reason I'm not really "popular" is because I'm not constant :/ BALANCING LIFE IS HARD OKAY xD

meh anyways you'll start seeing a lot more christmas things soon! :D 
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You guys are just so awesome. Seriously. I only recently made friends with a lot of you but already you have made a huge impact on my life!

SO I know christmas is coming up, or holidays whichever you prefer! :D 


I think it would be fun >w> plus then everyones gallery of our friends can grow :D yay! 

Tell me what you think and we could get something started! :D
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Sorry for the last journal post guys >w< but things are looking up already!


I had my first day at my new job, which is a candy store and it's awesome! I think I'm really going to like it there and all the people I work with are super nice

now to just not eat all the candy >w>

IM GOING TO THE HARRY POTTER STORE THIS WEEKEND! I'm so excited! :D They have a huge craft fair that I shall be going to and POSSIBLY buying tickets to their game of thrones new years eve party! :D weoo!


I only tried like... 5 different stores to find them.

ANyways ending todays rant. finally get to do some crafting <3 yay! :D

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But not really.. xD

They just decided to make ALLL THE HOMEWORK SO MUCH MORE ;A;

Which is why I haven't posted ANYTHING lately and it really sucks. I feel like I'd get a lot more attention and love if I was more active . Not going to lie pretty jealous of my friends being so popular and having things fly out of their shops :P While mine.. sit there ;n; STOPP COMPLAINING DEZI *smacks self

Anywho >w> I could just use the moniesss >w< But I did get a job so thats good :D I'm now working at a local can shop and start tomorrow :D weooo! Excitement! MAKE ALL THE GINGER BREAD HOUSES!

So thats good. My animation homework is taking over my life. And he's rushing everything! I thought this would be due by the end of the semester but nooooooo >w< it's okay though, I guess haha. Just pushes me to stop procrastinating. Although I do work better under pressure.. good pressure that is xD 

So Now I'm going to rant a little about my life stuff so you dont have to read this part:

I recently found out my mom has some thyroid disease :/ It's aging her a lot faster because it's being over active. It's curable.. but expensive :( She also has a bad toe that will probably need surgery.. so thats more money. My dad is in sales and hasn't sold anything in the past few months, so we are barley surviving. My mom doesn't like to talk to me about it, and my dad acts like a child when they talk about it.. which then ends in them arguing. I'm afraid we are going to lose the house. I mean it could be worse though.. I usually creep into my room with my kitties before they can involve me with their arguing. Because of all this we have pushed back applying for art school for next fall. I'm trying to look at the bright side of it, gives me more time to work on my portfolio. It just kinda sucks.. knowing my parents can't really pay for it. I mean sure there's student loans and scholarships but if I'm not successful after I'll be in super debt. We might get money from the government though since my birth parents never paid child support. That'd be the ONE good thing I got from them lol. I'm trying my best with commissions and getting a job but in reality I basically pay for my gas (stupid car! xD) It's been really hard on me the past few weeks, especially after the whole craft faire disaster. Still owe my mom 100$ for that >w< I told my mom I didn't want anything for christmas, because I really don't need anything. Well maybe a few craft store gift cards xD I just want her to have enough money for all her medical needs. She won't let me pay for anything, knowing I cant afford it. Whenever I make her something she tells me to post it for sale to see if I can get money for it because she says she'd much rather me have money then give it to her. I know I'm being kinda selfish.. Life could be so much worse. My mom has given me the best though.. She saved me from foster care and I just wish there was some way for me to pay her back one day for all the camps, private school etc. A lot of the time I feel like I've just been a waste of her money :/ Because her life seems so much harder after I was thrown into it. It's hard because she'll always talk about how she made the wrong decisions and wasted her life. I just want her to be happy :/ I just hope one day I can be successful so that when she's too old I can be the one taking care of her. 

I'm sorry I got so depressing all of the sudden :/ Just needed to vent a little I guess
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I am alivvee. And I keep pushing back the halloween stuff which really isn't good because I need to get that done by.. today :XD: I've just been super busy with school and commissions and I just got hired at a candy store :boogie: It'll be nice to have a job again but balancing everything will be... interesting. I have to finish an animation I am making, well at least have 80% of it done by Friday... :cries: I feel like my teacher is super rushing this project which stinks! I'm having a lot of fun with it, just takes FOREVER. I also have half a paper to write for my history of animation class. It's on the cultural differences in Brave and Spirited Away. Not that anyone really cares to know all my homework >w> 

Anywhooo I'm officially starting my halloween costume :D It's going to be awesome :3 NOT SAYING WHAT IT IS YET. Just know it will be awesome :3

So there's something I've noticed on here and it kinda bums me out. I made an seasonal/elemental dragon way back when. And I'm not saying that no one can make them obviously xD it's just... how to say this correctly lol. I've noticed that every time my boss comes out with something new :icondragonsandbeasties: it gets super popular which it should! But then everyone starts doing it... And to be honest it gets on my nerves :/ I feel bad most the time and maybe I'm being selfish lol. I just feel, especially now I can't make them because everyone else is and I'd be falling into some weird.. DA trend lol. I'm not saying I don't follow trends xD I don't know it's hard to explain xD And don't get me wrong! I love seeing everyones different designs (no matter how much they might look like Beccas.. and don't give her credit.. >w>; ) it's just a little discouraging to make my own I guess... I'm weird lol. I really hope this didn't offend anyone ;A; 
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So today.. err this morning something happened to me. Now before people read what I'm about to tell you I just want you to know: yes I know what I did was risky and no I'm still not sure it was the right thing to do. I'm happy about what happened and I feel good but I can't help but worry. So here's what happened:

Early in the morning (around 12-1 am) me and my bf were at a gas station in a nearby town where he works. I was sitting in my car and my bf was getting gas for us. While he was getting gas a homeless guy came up to him. I kinda over heard them chatting but I was on my phone (probably checking facebook lol) and then I hear oh my girlfriend will love this hold on. So I step out of the car to see what the big deal was to find a BEAUTIFUL 3-4 week old kitten sitting on his shoulders. Of corse I start fawning over the cutie and asked to hold her. He had appropriately named this little girl Angel. I gave him the last of my ones to help with the kitten when we started talking.

I soon realized, despite the fact that this man, who had nothing, wanted so badly to take care of this kitten that she wasn't in the best hands. This man had never had a kitten as young as her before. I tried talking him into giving me the kitten (since I do animal rescue and have had to take care of several kitten litters) but he wouldn't budge. My heart sunk and I even started crying in front of him a few times. I then told him everything I thought he might need to know about a kitten this age. I told him what kind of milk to giver her (he was feeding her regular milk and tuna!) I also taught him how to make her go potty (Still at the age where she needs "mamas" help). This poor thing still needed her mommy, but I guess this family was just giving these poor kittens away. 

After talking a bit and realizing this man needed help with the kitten we drove him to 7-11 to try to find some things there but unfortunately all the cat things they had were for older cats. After we helped him at 7-11 (and learning his name is Rowland) we took him to his camp site. I was devastated and cried again over the kitten. She was covered in flees and although she seemed healthy I could tell she was hungry. I was torn. This man who had nothing finally had something to live for, something to take care of. But was this right? After talking a bit longer (it's now 2 am) me and my bf took off. We had given Rowland our phone numbers in case anything happened and the kitten needed to leave. We also plan on meeting him tomorrow to give him some stuff for the kitten. 

Here's the tough part. Although I feel good and blessed to have met this poor man and have an experience where I can help someone in need, I can't help but question if I did the right thing. This poor man had nothing, and now that he has Angel he has someone there, something to look forward to and something to care for. But at what cost? I can't help but worry for the kitten. I know I can't save them all, but I'd rather try as hard as I can then not do anything. I do believe that if anything were to happen this man would call. I guess I'm just worried. Did I do the right thing? :/
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So I went to the craft faire. I sold ONE THING. I may have cried a little on the inside because now I'm in debt like 300$ to my bf and mom but thats okay ;A; I DID learn a TON though! Met some awesome new people and some that I saw at Comic Con so that was awesome! :D I do plan on going to their christmas show, so I'll start preparing for that soon :D MAKE ALL THE CUTE CHRISTMAS/ HOLIDAY THINGS! 

That was kinda a bust but you win some you lose some :) Hopefully once I put everything in the shop it will sell! Although I'm not really sure how I'll package the wings.. I'll have to figure that out soon xD 

I have a few commissions coming up (one that actually isn't due until July of next year lol)
Unfortunately due to my new policy I haven't been able to start on any of them. THE NEW POLICY!

After agreeing on what the commissions is I will be asking for a downpayment of at least HALF of the commission. It should also be known that if I make something and you don't purchase your special order within a month I have the right to give it up for sale despite the fact you may have made a down payment. Now you CAN however message me if something comes up and ask for a little more time but due to some past commissions that never went through I shall really be enforcing this policy. :( 

Anyways, so yeah due to a couple of commissions falling through and talking to D&B this shall be my new store policy :) I'm sorry if it seems harsh but I put a lot of work into my stuff and it really stinks when someone just disappears D: 

This week I shall be finishing off my halloween stuff and an octopus commission :) So you should all be seeing that by the end of the week :D (but due to my animation project and working for D&B it might be delayed a little) 

Thanks everyone for all the support and love :D Hope you all have a splendid week!

<3 Dezi
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Hey guys!

So preparing for the craft fair is going well! I've kinda cut down on how much I was going to try to make because I believe my expectations were a little too high xD Oh man all the money spent for this :cries: So far I have about 12 mermaid hair clips, and 16? flower crowns :boogie: had :icondragonsandbeasties: help me make some antlers for the crowns and will have to make about 9 more pairs haha.. oh dear. Still need to make some unicorn horns and some fairy wings! The boyfriend is working hard on getting the moving ones ready to show case. I've kinda been pretty hard on him, mostly from being stressed out >w>; But so far so good! Still need to make some cards and maybe a banner! All this while balancing out midterms and animation class haha (so I'm dying basically and have no free time now a days but thats okay)

SO IM HOSTING A CONTEST. Since that seems how so many of you get more likes on your fb pages xD Mines just reach 100 likes and I'll do a custom figurine! :D (restrictions apply of course) haha. SO just like and share :D

And thank you to everyone who has already purchased something from me <3 really guys I can't explain how amazing it is that people buy my work. It's pretty crazy! :D So big thanks to everyone ^_^
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Due to the overwhelming amount of things I will have to make in two weeks, I probably wont be on much :( I'llbe checking for messages and notes but other then that xD I will be working away at making about.. 60 items for this craft fair as well as trying to make a movable wings to premier there with my bf. GOOD NEWS IS anything I don't sell is going strait up on etsy. :D So you might see some awesome headpieces soon! (But kinda hoping they all sell out xD) I;m also hoping I make a lot of money from this... literally only have $3 to my name right now ;n;
ive been mooching off my bf so I owe him money to pay back for all the things he has gotten me for this ): he's the best. I WUBBS HIM. Anyways >w> So yeas :) PRETTY EXCITED FOR MY FIRST CRAFT FAIR. Kinda frightened though as well o.o I might be there alone with other people who've done a lot more then me and are WAY more experienced etc. OH WELL. ON THE PLUS SIDE GUILLERMO DEL TORO WENT LAST YEAR SOOOOO maybe this year I'll meet someone famous ;n; 
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They just told me the items I have aren't right for their faire? I'm a little confused. They said it was for halloween and costumes only but all I'd be selling is halloween figurines and some of my costuming things?
Now I'm super confused and a little sad ;n; :cries: I hope I can call them and see if its just a misunderstanding. ): I was so excited to bring flower crowns and wings and things ):

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This next part is mostly a rant. Scroll down for the important info xD

Okay need to clam down. >w< As many of you may or may not know, I'm actually studying animation :D I just love to sculpt ^^ I need to draw more >w> ANYWAYS :D SO you also may or may not know that one of my biggest (and recently newest) inspirations is :iconbriankesinger: :D HE IS AWESOME. He's a disney artist and works among Glen King and others! (which is amazing right?!) If you scroll through the credits of wreck it ralph I believe he's under storyboard artists or concept artists.. HE'S THERE lol. So when I went to comic con I was able to meet him for the first time and had him sign his book "Walking Your Octopus" WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING BECAUSE ITS ADORABLE. We talked for a bit and he even gave me a little art lesson and critiqued some of my work :) He's such a sweetie! At comic con I promised I would make him a sculpture of his character, Otto. He seemed pretty excited but not to sure if he thought I was serious. xD 

To the main point of this rant. Yesterday he did another book signing in burbank california, which is only about an hour to and hour and a half (depending on traffic) for me. So of corse I had to go. This was the perfect opportunity to give him an otto! So the event was on Sunday and of corse SATURDAY NIGHT I'm here sculpting away an octopus. Let me tell you he wasn't easy! It was also my first time sculpting one so it took a few trial and errors. After about Zoolander and Men in Black I had finished him! I was pretty excited because he wasn't too shabby for my first octopus! But it was about 1 in the morning and I didn't want to wake everyone so I baked him in the morning.. >w> Procrastinator much? ANYWAYS I painted him with a style that makes him almost look water colored (and I swear I'll post pictures but you can also see it on my Facebook page here :…
I got there and he was talking about his characters to a room of about 50 people. I was so excited because I asked a question and he remembered me! :D *fangirling here* I had the otto sculpture in a box so when he was done (and after I got his Otto and Victoria Calendar to sign) I gave him the octopus and he was super excited! He LOVED IT. We took pictures (which are on my instagram cuz I know all you hip people have one :wink: mines dizzydezzi18) and then I left to go to a steampunk store nearby but I'll talk more about that important information in a bit. 

So I get home last night and not only did Brian Tweet the picture.No. He posted it on his Facebook, and his instagram and the lovely octopus is now a pen holder! :D It was probably the greatest feeling seeing so many people love the sculpture! I actually already have an oder for a small brown one! :D I believe on Facebook it almost has 1200 likes and about 70 shares. Several people asked for my etsy and now I have more followers on there too :D SO IM STOKED AS YOU CAN IMAGINE. And I swear I don't mean to brag or anything I'm just in awe that so many people like him! So I will be making more octopuses :D 

Okay now the important stuff! 

I stopped by this shop called clockwork couture. It's a steampunk clothing store! Super cute pretty pricy but hey its all handmade items. They are hosting a craft faire for halloween on the 5th of October and told me I should come. :D So even though I said I wouldn't be making more halloween things.. I lied xD BUT this also means I will probably need all my things off etsy to add there ): Not really sure what to do. Maybe make the things on etsy made to order? ;n; someone help! Maybe I'll just re-make a lot of it. Anyways if any of you are in the area let me know! :D I'll message you the address and you can come say hi! :D I MIGHT ALSO BE PREMIERING MY MOVEABLE FAIRY WINGS THERE. But no promises. Me and my bf are still working on the first model :) But I will be selling my clay items, unicorn horns, maybe dragon horns and some flower crowns there :) This also means I need to come up with a new card design and maybe a banner by then.. >w> how am  I going to do this? I have NO idea xD This also means if you want something from my etsy store I will reserve it for you! :D
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Okay guys! Sorry I was super busy this week! Had a quiz in my history of animation class and a story board due in my flash animation class. While I had time I started working on some cosplay cat designs and that will probably be the end of my Halloween things this year. ;n; THEN I WILL START CHRISTMAS. I have one more commission to finish, which will be 4 dice dragons and then working on a character from a video game for my friend on the side (which actually really scares me because I've never made a anime full scale human like thing.. kinda.. hard to explain lol) Anyways so if you want anything Christmas like from me note me now! :D I'll probably be taking them for the next few weeks ^^ I just restocked on some of my clay so I should be good for a while >w> I hope lol. Anyways back to sculpting! Will hopefully post them soon!

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Which i need for school :/ Meh. Haven't been having the best of days and needed to rant a little. Anyways my drawing tablet is finally hitting it's last days but unfortunately it hits right as I need it for school. Now all my commission money will be going towards getting a new one. Unfortunately due to the fact I don't have a job right now this is going to take a while :cries: which sucks because I really need the tablet soon. Guess this means I'll have to bust my butt to make more halloween things to sell! xD I will probably work on some tonight/ tomorrow. I have to make a storyboard for my animation class and write a few papers so it will be a hectic weekend ;n; I hope everyone's Friday the 13th went well xD I also got a new magazine which is called fantasy illustration so I'm pretty excited about that! :D weo! 

Anyways thanks for reading my small rant ;n;

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So far the stuff that I have made is up on etsy! :D 

tell your friends.. spread the word (you don't have to really xD) 

I'm super excited and I'm hoping people will buy some of it! I'm also making a few witches but I need to go buy the little wood blocks they go on >w< They'll be more of a little decor thing then figurines :) Since so many people liked my baby dragons I will probably make more! Suggestions for color combinations are always welcome! :D Soon after I'll have to start working on Christmas things .-. Oh dear xD 

ALSO me and my bf are possibly going to start selling movable fairy wings for cosplay needs! I can't promise that we will but it's in the works! Hopefully we will be seeing more of that soon! :)  I can't say if we do sell them they wont be pricey (the equipment alone for the motors cost about 80$ + ) but I can promise they will be awesome! I will be donning my own pair at the ball of Jareth this upcoming year in LA and possibly if done soon enough ALA :) If any of you are going to those events let me know! I'd love to meet my DA friends ^^

Also anyone going to Bliz con? I will be there! Hopefully in my enchantress cosplay.. which I haven't started >w> ehehe.. >w> But yes! :D Let me know! :D
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I swear I'll be posting my Halloween stuff tomorrow! Just been super wrapped up in other things and making more Halloween things! :pumpkin: But not going to lie I'm pretty excited for you all to see them! I think this is the most of one themed thing I have ever made! :eager: So far I made one dragon (and he took forever because of my first time flocking) I've got 2 little bats, 2 witches and 4 baby dragons! :D So once I post them I'd really like to see what more people would want! I also plan on making a few owls and maybe some spiders? :dummy: I'm just super excited ":la: I will also be going to a mermaid vampire meet up tomorrow with Traci Hines! :woohoo: pretty dern excited for that! So now I have to go make a mermaid tail skirt before bed.. even though I technically have time before I go tomorrow to do it xD I just wanna finish everything tonight o.O
Or else I'll never do it :nuu:

But yeah mermaid vampires! :happybounce: I'll be sure to post a picture of it too so you can see what I wear and such (because I know you are all super interested xD) :squee: